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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fujimi Suzuki Jimny Samurai 1/24 Scale

After more than a decade of proving their 4x4 prowess in countries all over the world, Suzuki introduced the all-new SJ410 (nomenclature signifying 4-wheel-drive, 1.0 liter engine) in 1982. This truck was also known as the SJ30, the Sierra, the Jimny, and also re-badged as the Maruti Gypsy in India, as well as the Holden Drover in Australia.

Larger and more modern than the LJ series, the SJ30 expanded on the LJ's pluses and addressed many of the minuses. The 970cc 4-cylinder engine was a larger version of the LJ80's power plant, delivering 45hp and an even bigger improvement in torque, helping to haul its additional 300lbs over that of the LJ more quickly to its identical top speed of 68mph.

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